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Management & Coaches

Maestro Rorik Janssen

The International Fencing Camp Bocholt has been created and realized by the Dutch fencing master Rorik Janssen, only one year after the foundation of the first fencing club in the entire history of Bocholt. Rorik Janssen is former national coach for Epée and Foil, as well in Germany as in his homeland the Netherlands. The first #IFCB, the original and most multi-cultural in Germany, took place in August 2010. 

Since then almost 1.100 participants and 45 coaches from 35 worldwide nations visited the Camp in the City of Bocholt, nearby the border to the Netherlands.

Maestro Stefano Bellomi joined the staff of fencing masters and coaches for the first time in 2015. For the fencing club Virtus Scherma Bologna he initiated 2021 a similar Camp in Lizzano in Belvedere in the italian region Emilia-Romagna. Together the two coaches and friends now offer a unique combination of both IFCB's

2019 in China.JPG

Bocholt - THE TEAM - Lizzano

Rorik Janssen and Stefano Bellomi will be manager as well as coach in both International Fencing Camps, in Bocholt as well as in Bologna (Lizzano in Belvedere).  The already 14th edition of the #IFCB2023 in Germany again offers the possibility to work with more as 10 worldclass fencing masters and coaches! Individual lessons are inclusive in the #IFCB-Camp fee!

Lizzano_Stefano and Rorik certificate.jpg

Maestro Stefano Bellomi (ITA)

Camp Supervisor - Epée-Coach

Virtus Scherma Bologna

#IFCB2022 coaches.jpg
BFT-DE-im vollen Einsatz.jpg

#IFCB2022 Coaches

Walter Steegmüller (GER)

We expext a big surprise to join this magnificent team!

German national Epée-Coach


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